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  • Bonjour à tous,

    Le forum a connu un incident majeur qui nous a fait perdre un an de données. (En savoir plus)
    Veuillez accepter nos excuses pour cet incident indépendant de notre volonté.
    Nous vous demandons de la patience car de nombreuses sujets sont à réécrire.
    Merci de votre compréhension.

    En cas de problème, n'hésitez pas à nous écrire via le formulaire de contact.


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Le forum sera en cours de mise à jour pour le passage en version 1.3.3.
Il se peut que certaines fonctionnalités soient indisponibles durant quelques minutes.

Merci de votre compréhension.
Mise à jour en 1.3.4.

XenForo 1.3.4 Released
Today, we are pleased to release XenForo 1.3.4. This release fixes a number of bugs and issues that were found since the release of 1.3.3. As this is a maintenance release, the vast majority of the focus was an increase in stability.

Some of the bugs fixed include:

  • Fix backwards compatibility/deprecation issue in PHP 5.6
  • Fix logging of password changes in the user change log
  • Attempt to prevent links to proxy.php being inserted into posts in certain cases
  • Fix situation where search grouping is lost when replaying a search
  • Fix editor menu icon positioning in RTL
  • Do not notify users of new posts while drafting a response when the only new posts are by users they ignore
  • Fix issues with IE not always changing the selected image in the lightbox
  • Allow user tagging when the @ symbol is proceeded by a single or double quote
  • Fix Gravatar fallback URL when using an absolute path to an image directory
All customers with active licenses may now download the new version from their XenForo customer area.

For full details on this release, including installation and upgrade instructions, please see our XenForo 1.3.4 release announcement.
Mise à jour en 1.3.5 :

Today, we are pleased to release XenForo 1.3.5. This release addresses a security vulnerability that was identified. As such, we recommend that all customers running 1.3 upgrade to 1.3.5 as soon as possible.

Please note that in order to resolve this security issue, XenForo's PHP requirements needed to increase slightly. This release now requires PHP 5.2.11 or higher.

The security issue relates to XML processing. A specially crafted XML file can be used to enact a denial of service attack or potentially read files from the the file system. This type of vulnerability has been identified in many other applications. In XenForo, the risk is mitigated as only authenticated administrators may trigger the XML processing routines; website visitors cannot directly exploit this issue. However, if you import RSS feeds from elsewhere, these could potentially be modified to trigger the issue. As such, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to a patched version as soon as possible.

This release also fixes a number of bugs and issues that were found since the release of 1.3.4. Some of these include:
  • Only enqueue the mail queue trigger once in a request to reduce possibility of deadlocks
  • Fix forum watch alerts not being sent when a thread needs to be manually approved
  • Fix thread prefix selector via Ajax in the admin control panel
  • If a media embed key contains censored text, do not embed the media
  • Fix autolinking in basic text sources where HTML is accidentally used
  • Prevent an error in the phpBB importer when the attachment physical filename is empty/invalid
  • Fix potential error with invalid characters from an imported feed
  • When importing a feed, do not display duplicate author names
  • Remove unnecessary dependency on the discussion preview length option in the multi-quote overlay
  • Missed "not" from the facebook_did_not_provide_email phrase, changing the meaning of the text
  • Hid the "Identities" section of the contact details page if there were no custom fields that went there
  • Added bottom padding to quote text elements to prevent clipping in certain browsers/OSes
  • Fixed full screening videos where the iframe had a max-width/height specified
  • Fixed tabindex on the login form when registration was disabled
  • Hid the message about dragging multi-quote elements around when not supported
See the Resolved Bug Reports forum for further information.

The following templates have had changes:
  • account_contact_details
  • bb_code.css
  • helper_login_form
  • thread_multi_quote_overlay.css
Where necessary, the merge system within the "Outdated Templates" page should be used to integrate these changes.

All customers with active licenses may now download the new version from the customer area.
Dernière édition:
Passage en 1.5.3 ce jour :)

Today, we are pleased to release XenForo 1.5.3. This release fixes a number of bugs and issues that were found since the release of 1.5.2. As this is a maintenance release, the vast majority of the focus was an increase in stability.

Please note that we are now formally recommending that you upgrade to PHP 5.4 or newer. Our intention with XenForo 2.0 is to require PHP 5.4 or newer. If you are running PHP 5.3 or 5.2, you will receive a warning when installing or upgrading XenForo.

Add-on developers: there are some serialization compatibility changes in 1.5.3. Please see this thread for details as you may need to check your add-ons or make changes.

Some of the bugs fixed in 1.5.3 include:
  • Add beta importers for IPB 4.0/4.1 and phpBB 3.1.
  • When using the mail queue and bulk email systems, if an error is received emailing a user, attempt to establish a new transport connection and resend the email. This should help resolve issues where SMTP connections are closed unexpectedly.
  • Added sanity checks to ensure that serialized data is an array (containing only simple data within) in numerous places. (This may cause an error with add-ons that have incorrectly specified option definitions.)
  • When associating an external account with an existing account, you must already be logged into the target account to ensure two-step verification is respected.
  • Add dir="auto" to the sidebar online users list to ensure mixed LTR and RTL usernames do not interact.
  • Improve results when pasting into the RTE from certain programs (such as PHPStorm).
  • Fix converting links to page titles when the title tag is found more than 20KB into the page (such as on Amazon pages).
  • Prevent a fatal error if an import remains unfinished but the importer has been removed.
  • Do not automatically apply avatars during registration if the user doesn't have permission.
  • Prevent an error in the user change log when a user has changed a custom field option that no longer exists.
  • Do not display the RTE to Firefox mobile due to cursor issues.
See the Resolved Bug Reports forum for further information.

The following templates have had changes:
  • register_facebook
  • register_google
  • register_twitter
  • sidebar_online_users
Where necessary, the merge system within the "Outdated Templates" page should be used to integrate these changes.
Il y a eu une MAJ il y a quelques minutes, je suppose.
L'aspect du site vient de changer de façon assez notable !
Travaillant sur un problème sur EA la navbar (non figée normalement) du header d'un thème remonte avec la feuille lorsqu'on scrolle maintenant

Cherchant pourquoi, j'avais besoins simplement de réactiver un thème pour comparer les lignes de codes et voir s'il y a des différences (connecté ou non connecté)

Normalement cette manip de réactivation du thème aurait du être transparente et ne pas pas provoquer de dysfonctionnement visuelle.(modif du thème Drif par défaut)

Veuillez m'en excuser :sorry:
Une MAJ en 1.5.9 va avoir lieu.
Donc désolé pour les perturbations passagères.

Some of the bugs fixed in 1.5.9 include:
  • Improved compatibility with upcoming PHP 7.1 release.
  • Add basic email typo detection for specific cases to reduce false positives with StopForumSpam checks.
  • Indicate when a StopForumSpam result is from a general blacklisting rather than specific reports.
  • Disable the rich text editor in Windows 10 Mobile Edge versions less than 14 due to problems using it.
  • Fix a case where changing the price of a recurring user upgrade could cause some existing payments to not be processed correctly.
  • Fix a situation where a user mention in a profile post was not displayed correctly.
  • Fix user mention matching being case sensitive for accented characters.
  • Fix a bug that caused transparent images to possibly lose transparency after being resized.
  • Ensure that profile post comments are not search indexed when the containing profile post has been deleted.
  • Do not treat a "-" with spaces around it as a negation operator in searches.
  • Allow some DB methods to work with custom database adapters.
  • Do not show dismissed notices when the forum is closed.
  • Better display of half star ratings in RTL languages.

Ce soir (03/09/16) une maintenance prévu (après 22h) pour MAJ du moteur en 1.5.10.
Merci pour votre compréhension.

Other Changes in 1.5.10

Some of the bugs fixed in 1.5.10 include:
  • Add several language code/locale options for pages.
  • Fix a situation where white space may not be maintained 100% when pasting code/pre-formatted into the rich text editor.
  • Add a 1000 user limit to ignoring to prevent potential errors.
  • Ensure that poll resetting/deleting is logged correctly.
  • Automatically adjust uploaded image extensions to match their type (rather than throwing an error).
  • Change NoCaptcha requests to POST to prevent a possible regular expression failure.
  • Fix an issue with automatic vendor prefixing in the CSS when using @supports.
  • Fix a timezone related issue when displaying stats output.
  • Adjust the meta description of member profiles to handle missing components better.
  • Prevent an error in the phpBB 3.1 importer relating to timezones.
Je suis repassé sur le thème d'avant suite à l'évolution du forum.

Comme je ne me promène pas avec un écran 4K partout pour voir le forum, c'est compliqué de voir le forum correctement. Vous n'êtes pas les seuls à utiliser une espèce de bannière énorme en haut de la page (ça doit être la mode), mais du coup on ne voit que ça.
Scroller en permanence, ce n'est pas du tout pratique.

En plus le thème réserve de la place à droite et à gauche de la page quand on visualise les messages dans les topics. Du coup on voit un message à la fois ou pas loin parce que ça renvoie à la ligne tous les 4 mots. On a une vision macroscopique de la page.

Et Tapatalk n'est pas vraiment une solution.

Voilà, si ça peut aider...
Je viens de repasser également en style "Drift", ce qui résout le problème du déroulant.
Et j'avoue que je préfère également cette présentation... :shy:
Je trouve également que la bannière avec le nouveau thème est trop présente, mais le reste est sympa
Quelqu'un est en train de jouer avec les styles dispos ?
Le Drift a disparu, et d'autres sont apparus.
Pas de drift chez moi mais deux drift dark, bon le noir on voit rien, mais je ne suis pas ivoirien :mrgreen: .:cat:
Bah si, il y a "utiliser le style pas défaut : Drift" en tout début de la liste déroulante avant le choix des autres thèmes

Jusqu'à hier, j'arrivais sur une page qui présentait les 5 (ou 6) dernières contributions au forum.
Comment faire pour retrouver cette présentation ?
Merci, aussi, de ne pas taper si je n'ai rien compris :eek:
Pas de raison de taper, moi aussi je suis un peu tombé de ma chaise ce matin ! :jawdrop:

Si tu es en style Agile, à savoir la nouvelle présentation apparue ce matin, il faut aller dans la barre supérieure semi transparente, qui se trouve à droite, cliquer sur Forum, puis choisir Messages récents dans le déroulant.

Ou alors, tu vas tout en bas de la page, tu cliques sur Sélecteur de styles, et tu choisis Utiliser le style par défaut.
Ce qui va te ramener à l'ancienne présentation (Drift).
Merci frg62.
C'est un peu mieux en "drift", mais je ne retrouve pas l'ancienne présentation avec les 5-6 derniers posts au centre de l'écran.
On va s'y faire !

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